Teacup Puppies For Sale Information

Teacup Puppies for Sale Information

Top Quality Puppies LOVES Teacup Puppies.  We often have several breeds of teacup puppies for sale; Yorkie Teacup Puppies, Maltese Teacup Puppies, Pomeranian Teacup Puppies and Designer Breed Teacup Puppies. Our puppies for sale in California are able to be shipped nationwide.

What are Teacup Puppies?
Teacup is actually a term distributed amongst the canine community to define an extra small doggy, there isn’t a universal standard. Each and every breeder offers their particular definition connected with what measurement a teacup ought to be.  Nearly all breeders acknowledge a teacup puppy ought to be four pounds or less.

Are Teacup Puppies Healthy?
Lots of people believe the mistaken conception that teacup puppies are unquestionably not healthy. Whilst it holds true that a number of teacups may have medical problems, if a teacup puppy is bred from a healthy breeding program, and bred from a smaller breed that is exclusively bred to be small, subsequently they will be just as healthy as any other dog. Often a dog will be born smaller than the rest of his/her littermates; THIS particular puppy is a runt and may have medical issues down the road and not have an extended lifespan.  Thus he/she is not a true TEACUP PUPPY, but a puppy that fails to thrive and gets sick. This is where lots of people wrongly have the notion that teacup puppies aren’t healthy. That’s the reason it truly is so crucial that you obtain a teacup via a skilled breeder.

Is a Teacup Puppy for me?
Teacup Puppies are certainly not ideal for everybody’s way of life. We get many inquiries via persons in search of teacup dogs.  Lots of people get toy puppies and teacup puppies mixed up. Often people are in search of a toy breed rather than a teacup puppy! A little toy dog is all some people need in a pet; they are small enough to be carried in the latest designer doggie bags, be held in your arm and sit in your lap. Most people don’t understand the extra care that is needed for a teacup puppy.  Teacup puppies cannot jump onto furniture or beds. They cannot be left on an elevated piece of furniture in case they try to jump off and break one of their legs. They’re also not ideal for families with small kids or perhaps much larger canines, because they might be effortlessly hurt, or even stepped on. In addition, a number of teacup puppies are susceptible to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). When a teacup puppy uses up their stored supply of energy without replacing it, subsequently low blood sugar affects them. Therefore if you get a teacup puppy, you must become familiar with the warning signs. To counteract this, little puppies really should have food and water available always and lots of time to relax.

Teacup Pomeranian Puppy Why does a Teacup Puppy cost so much?

Why are teacups so costly? Normally, the tinier the teacup puppy the greater the price. The main reason why breeders charge a larger amount  is because true teacups are extremely tough to get. Therefore watch out for breeders who publicize whole litters of teacup puppies.  In addition, many breeders give 24/7 time, love and care into these tiny treasures. Teacups require more care and are not able to go to their new household until there’re a minimum of 12 weeks old. In addition, when it comes to extremely tiny teacup puppies, often these are generally not prepared to leave for their new home until they are between 4-6months old.